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The Chunkopop G-Tech Exec is one of the player's targets in Paradise. He can be found in his house, amid a room full of Chunkopop dolls.

As with the other G-Tech execs, the Handler explains that the target earned their punishment through mismanagement and misappropriation of startup funds- most likely his purchasing of the hundreds of Chunkopops which line his walls.



  • "Who are you? Oh you're here to check out my chunkopops?"
  • "I'm absolutely nuts about these guys. Must have spent over $100000 on them by now."
  • "Do you have a favorite? Me? It's hard to choose. They're all my children."
  • "Man it's so nice to meet another chunko enthusiast…"


  • Chunkopops are a reference to collectibles brand Funko's line of Pop Vinyls: small statues depicting just about every pop-culture character known to mankind, disparaged as tasteless kitsch by many humans but religiously collected by others.
  • The target's "GOATSE TECH" shirt is a reference to the infamous shock image known as goatse, a picture of a man spreading his anal rim inhumanly wide with his hands.